Redwolf Energy

Making energy clean and simple.

Advanced Renewable Energy Solutions

At Redwolf Energy we seek to implement the latest tried and tested renewable energy technologies primarily for the benefit of our home region, the Caribbean.

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Focus on areas in which renewable technologies could be applied efficiently and economically.


Renewable energy technologies have only seriously grabbed the spotlight in the last 20 years or so.

At Redwolf Energy we seek to primarily focus the newer higher efficiency and reliable solutions.

In particular technologies that can withstand hurricane force winds and sea blasts over decades with little or no maintenance while continually generating power.


Our direction is to work with regional stakeholders towards energy self-sufficiency.

In our region where, as island nations, we have abundant renewable energy in the form of prolonged sunlight and windy scapes to leverage, energy self-sufficiency is an obvious and attainable goal with the right focus.


Redwolf Energy intends to draw on the experience and expertise of the industry leaders and regional stakeholders.